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    Hello Neil!

    Just want you to know that my mom and I are pulling for you..hoping the next 8 weeks of radiation go very smoothly. We’re sending you postive thoughts. I just know that you’ll do amazingly. We look forward to hearing of your progress…

    Take good care Neil,

    Jody and Shirley


    Hello, Neil. You don’t know me as I’ve only recently come here and have only made one post. What I have done is read as much of the forum content as I can whenever I have a chance, and as a result I feel like I know you. I can’t thank you enough for the knowledge I’ve gained by reading your posts and the comfort you’ve brought as we still try and get our minds around this recent MDS diagnosis of Dad’s.

    You are in my prayers, Neil. Hope the next CBC shows improving numbers; that the radiation does its job; and that the external scar heals quickly for you. Scar or no scar, in my mind you have the face of an angel. Thank you and good luck.


    We all wish for you a complete, rapid recovery….not just because we are praying for this, but also you know how much we need you!!!
    You are our MDS patient forum encyclopedia. When we need help, we can always count on Neil.
    Considering all that you have gone through, I really am taken that you could communicate with us so quickly and bring us up to date. You are wonderful!!!
    As for the change in your counts, I think your MD hit it right…volume overload. My Ed had the opposite happen, he was dehydrated and his platelet count was higher than was indicated.
    All the best, our heart-felt best wishes. bety

    Kathy G

    You are in my thoughts Neil – hope you are doing well and taking care of yourself.



    Thank you all for all the kind words and prayers. Your thoughts are appreciated.
    Am back home and more comfortable than the hospital setting. Will take a few weeks to get my strength back up.
    Have to visit the doc tomorrow for an Aranesp injection. Then get the sutures out Thur.
    Again, thanks for the prayers.


    Dear Neil;

    Great News! So glad you are home. You are in our prays and thoughts for a speedy recovery.

    God Speed,



    you are the courage of us, keep us updated.

    thank you



    Neil, thinking of you. some of us old-timers with this disease have to hang around to cause trouble-not that you have ever done that!


    So Suzanne, are you saying Neil needs to get on the stick and start causing trouble? smile


    Neil, wanted to add my thoughts and prayers. You must be so glad to be home. Sure is great to get back home, isn’t it, and probably helps with recovery. Take care of yourself and keep us updated about how you are.



    You have no idea how good it is to be home. Just have to keep from overdoing it. My kids, sons in law and daughter in law are constantly on my back to take things easy. 5 days in the hospital is enough. The hospital experience was difficult, but the nursing staff, hospitalist docs and my surgeon were great. They really piled on the care and made me as comfortable as possible.
    Had an Aranesp injection this AM and a CBC. Counts are about what I expected. HGB a bit low, but the Aranesp will take care of that
    Is also great to hear from Suzanne again. We have you in our prayers to keep your 5q- cells under control.
    Suzanne & Zoe,
    Don’t look for trouble from me. Learned a long time ago that I was a lover not a fighter.


    Don’t tell me you can’t get in trouble being a Lover! So glad to know you are home and to see your cheerful spirit in your words. Be Good!


    Neil, I was so sorry to read of your recent hospital stay,and am so glad that you are now at home. Glen had a squamus cell carcinoma on his ear, however it didn’t get as far as yours, fortunately we noticed it growing larger.He was referred to a plastic surgeon who removed it.Loped his ear off a little shorter than the other, for another $1500.00 the doc would have shortened the other ear to make them equal. Glen said “no thanks”. Our PC doc was very good about carefully checking for skin lesions during his physicals. I will be praying for a speedy recovery for you,you know that we all need you here on the forum. My computer burned out a few weeks ago so I won’t be on the forum for awhile. My daughter brought her company computer to my home to do her work while she’s visiting here from Sartel. Hopefully I may use it occasionally until I replace mine. I wish you and your family all the best.during this holiday season.
    Take good care,Ellie


    Neil, I am glad to see that you are recovering – well, at least to your normal. I was unable to post, again, for several weeks after I had clean-up my computer and wiped out cookies and things. Evenso, I had moved you to my “special prayers” list. As if most of the folks that post on this forum aren’t already there.

    I am doing something a bit old fashioned for iron overload. Instead of exjade, I recently started theraputic phlebotomy (blood-letting). Tomorrow we go in for the second time. We will see if this will reduce the serum ferritin, get rid of some of the oversized red blood cells and maybe prompt my bone marrow to start producing a higher number of red blood cells.


    Hi Jim,
    Its good to hear from you! It been a while. Thanks for the prayers! Got out today for the first time–breakfast with family & friends. Felt good.
    I tune up my PC periodically. Over the last year I added an external hard drive, more RAM, new DVD recorder, router , print server and installed a new PCI card to provide more USB ports. After putting in the new PCI card the machine was much faster. Seemed to improve more than the addtl RAM.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 61 total)

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