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    Paul Altesleben

    I am also wondering if anyone had any experience with the drug Inquovi? My doctor is wanting to prescribe this for me. Thank you.

    Michele Polland

    Paul, I’ve been taking Inqovi for the last 6 months. Prior to that I received infusions of first Vidaza and then Dacogen for two years. I have an unusual allergy to all of these medications that causes intense itching. I now take Prednisone on the days I received infusions and now Inqovi to deal with the itching.

    The Inqovi has been wonderful. The pills are sent to my home by the CVS Speciality Pharmacy. No need to go to an infusion center. My bloodwork is looking good (for me). Wish my hematologist offered this option in the beginning of my MDS journey in February 2020. Doctors in cancer infusion centers don’t make money off the pills I guess that’s why it’s not offered.

    Good luck! Hope it works for you.

    Michael Collins

    I initially started on Inqovi and Venetoclax around 18 months ago. I did three rounds of those two drugs and my blood counts totally crashed. Took two months for my numbers to start to improve. Then our son brought covid home. Took another five weeks off with no treatment. So I went three months until I started round four of Inqovi only. Did rounds four through eleven of Inqovi only. Needed a platelet transfusion each time. Switched to Dacogen three months ago to see if I needed less or none platelet transfusions. Didn’t need a transfusion if they did three days of treatment but needed one with four days of treatment. Doctor said we will do six rounds of Dacogen and then see if I am in remission or not and take a break to see how my numbers improve. I did Inqovi in pill form. Minimal side effects – primarily a little nausea and fatigue.

    Marc Slovak

    After being monitored for about 8 years my platelets reached a level (in the 30’s) where my doctor thought I would benefit from INQOVI. I started taking the drug in February of 2022 so it has been a little over 2 years now. The drug has worked very well for me and while my platelets still seem to fluctuate quite a bit I have pretty much landed over 50K. My last reading was 60K (I get checked every month). Over the two years, I have connected with many people art Taiho and I have spoken at a couple of sessions where their employees were able to get a patient perspective on taking what they have developed. The people at Taiho are wonderful. In my MDS journey, I have been fortunate that my only issue is with platelets (red & white cells are ok) and INQOVI is much better than having to undergo transfusions. The bottom line is that the drug has worked well for me and I will continue to take it.

    Rose eden Guanzon

    My husband was part of the trial that got this drug approved. He also did very well on Inquovi for about almost 3 years. It gave us freedom to travel as his counts became very stable. Unfortunately it had stopped working for him now. The side effects were so minimal, they were almost not there.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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