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Local hematologist–how much of an MDS expert do they need to be?

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    Hi, everyone. I need your advice. Fred Hutch has taken over my donor search (from Hopkins) and so far, it doesn’t look very promising. So, it seems like I need someone good to advise me on treatments while I wait.

    I have a wonderful local hematologist in Washington, D.C., who’s following me but I don’t think he’s an MDS specialist. I did see an MDS specialist at Hopkins but wasn’t comfortable with him.

    In your experience, is it enough that I have the transplant/MDS experts at Hutch on my case — backed up by my local hematologist or do I need a LOCAL MDS specialist? What does everyone think? I appreciate any advice. I have considered seeing Dr. Azra Raza at U. of Mass. but I’m starting to get overwhelmed with all the differences in doctor opinions. Is Hutch enough or do I need an MDS specialist closer to home? Thank you for your thoughts! And thank you, everyone, for this list.


    Hi Simon,
    You might wish to check with the NIH, It is close and they have some excellent docs with plenty of experience.


    I think as long as you have a local hematologist that admits when he doesn’t know everything and is willing to consult with your doctors at Fred Hutch you will be o.k.

    I have also heard that Dr. Raza is fabulous. My doctors call her when they have a question, although I have never met her.

    I am going to Cleveland Clinic the end of the month to consult with them. I met those doctors at the aamds convention two years ago. I liked both of them. Good luck with whatever you decide. Linda




    I was just at Cleveland Clinic last week. Who are you going to see? I saw Dr. Maciejewski and Dr. Haddad. I was VERY impressed with them and they have already called me with some preliminary results of my blood work. They said they will call when they get the rest of the results. I hope you have the same positive experience. Good luck!!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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