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Low Nuetraphils with Vidaza and G-CSF treatments

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    Hi all
    I’m new to this site and am interested if anyone has MDS with low consistently low neutrophil counts. Vidaza (10 rounds so far) has not managed to stablise them so have been self-injecting G-CSF for the last 6 months.

    If you have any thoughts, they are most welcome.



    I was diagnosed in June 2016. My neutrophils have been chronically low since outset, typically around 1.6 with absolute neutrophils between 400 to 700. I responded well to neupogen and was self administering shots twice weekly. My local hematologist scheduled me for Vidazza but a second opinion from a Center of Excellence cancelled that course, in July 2016. I no longer take neupogen unless I’ve developed some sort of infection, mostly skin infections.

    While my peripheral blood is always low in wbc, my C of E doc says that the neutrophils are getting to my tissue and therefore have not suffered anything other than minor skin infections.

    Thankfully I’ve been treatment free and without transfusions. My last neupogen injection was in January 2020.

    Carmen Perez

    Hola David, por fin encuentro personas que tienen MSD con globulos blancos bajos.
    Yo fui tratada también con Vidaza (14 Ciclos) pero lamentablente no hubo una buena respuesta.Actualmente estoy en espera de otro tratamiento.
    Me aplico Filgrastin dos veces a la semana. Tu cada cuanto te aplicas G-SFC?…


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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