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low WBC and alcohol, correlation

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    I recently found a report on a study of WBC and alcohol intake,
    in Japan many years ago.
    Does anyone know of more recent study, report?
    No alcohol may be the best for MDS patients,
    1. Why is a moderate amount of wine encouraged???
    2. Why is the advice so varied?

    Mer Stpierre

    Hi, I don’t know of any studies but I finally had one glass of red wine 5 months after diagnosis and my platelet count dropped drastically at my next counts, 2 days later. I also did not feel well. Therefore, I decided the glass of red wine was not helpful to me and I wasn’t going to try it again. I switched to wheat grass and papaya leaf to toast my friends:) I think wine is encouraged to stimulate appetite for some and for the resveratrol benefits. Unfortunately, it seems that the recommendations change from year to year.

    Jimmy Greenhut

    My Dr told me awhile ago that alcohol suppresses the bone marrow. Don’t know about wine? Ask your Dr when you see him next.

    Susan Paolilli

    Hi! From my research, keep alcohol and wine to a minimum because it stresses the immune system and MDS is all about creating a strong immune system! I am currently on an herbal and acupuncture program which has normalized my neutrophils, HCT and HG so I can say that my condition is related to a strong immune system.


    Let me add to my post of 18 April.
    I had gone to no alcohol of any kind in the second half of March:
    ALL measures in CBC went UP to new highs.
    So, in all of April, I continued with no alcohol:
    Almost ALL measures in CBC went DOWN very much – so disappointing.
    Now, for all of May, I am on a 35 mL/day of white wine only.
    I will keep you posted.
    I have detailed charts, available via email request.
    But, first, I need to checkout security of emails.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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