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MDS is a blood cancer
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    To All, I have great news. I went to Moffit Cancer Hosp. today for my rebiopsy bone marrow results, and the doctor was amazed to see that my bone marrow came back normal. The abnormal cells I had at 5% blasts were 0% today. Therefore, they decided that an allogeneic transplantation is not necessary at this time. They reassured me that they do not know what happen, but the bone marrow was normal. I truly believe this is a miracle of God and God doing his work. Please keep the faith, the hope and pray and pray. He really listens and he will not abandon you. Thank you all for your support, advice and comfort. I really appreciate it. I am so relieved and feel so emotionally drain right now because I have not been able to sleep for 2 days anticipating the worst. I can breathe again. Thank you to all and my thoughts and prayers are with each everyone of you. Alleluia.
    Simplistic007 (43 yrs. old)


    That’s amazing Simplistic007!!!

    Keep the faith

    Gene In Virgina



    Praise the Lord! Yes, it is a miracle! He saw fit to lift this burden from you. Please keep praying for this forum’s members, because he listens and answers.

    Yes, breathe deep, you received a blessing!!!!



    Simplistic, what wonderful news! Yes, praise God for every good gift is from Him.



    Yes, I praise the Lord and thank him everyday. It is truly a miracle. It was the best news I received. Thank you Lord. I will always keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. Your support and knowledge helped me through a lot of my fears. I was ready for whatever was coming my way because of the support from this forum. Let’s stay strong and pray for each other and the Lord will hear our prayers.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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