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MDS and Agent Orange

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    Mark Rogers Mark

    I am a Nam vet and have MDS. I filed my claim with the VA 8 months ago and have not heard one word from the VA except a phone interview with a VA doc in the SF Bay Area. So far nothing has come of that. My CBC’s remain stable for now with a hematocrit of 27 and Hgb of 9.5 or so…My hematologist here in town says if another chromosome mutation occurs all will likely come crashing down. I was exposed to AO,Benzene,and Malathion…God knows what else. When my Doc says it’s time to start treating me I may just refuse and let it go..Epogen and Procrit only last for a short while anyway… Like the saying goes…”A lot of soldiers were killed in Vietnam, but not all have died yet”

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)

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