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MDS and Covid-19. Getting Vidaza Injections

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    Owen Maguire

    I completed my 39th Vidaza Cycle yesterday in the midst of the Covid 19 Virus at my local Community Cancer Centre which is 20 miles south of Calgary AB Canada. The Centre is located in our local hospital but the entrance has now been changed to gain entry through an emergency entrance directly into the clinic. A contamination booth is erected immediately inside and Vital signs together with questions regarding recent health are taken at this point. In my case my wife has progressive Dementia and she accompanies me as I can not leave her by herself. The new rules do not allow anyone to accompany patients to the Chemo area. Much to my surprise the staff had set up a chair in the Administration area where my wife and myself could see each other. While it usually only takes 15 minutes in the unit to get my 2 needles, for the 7 days of treatment I could concentrate on myself without worrying about my wife. With the length of time I have been receiving treatment at this centre I have been referring to the Nurses and Admin Staff as my extended Family and they have certainly lived up to my definition.


    I am sorry to hear about your wife’s condition. I am glad your medical staff are able to adjust the new COVID-19 rules so your wife and you can see each other during your Vidaza treatments. We have to make adjustments almost daily because of this terrible disease. This life passes very quickly and we need to enjoy each moment of every day. Strengthen yourself spiritually whenever you can.

    Site Admin

    Hi Owen, Thank you for posting and sharing your recent experience getting your treatment during this most challenging time. I have a quick question for you. If you would email me at it would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to your email. Best, Audrey

    Rita Altman

    I have the same situation as you do. My husband had MDS and dementia. He cannot be without me. At our cancer center they have been coming outside to us. They will not let me come in. It has been wonderful. So thankful for all the nurses who bend over backwards for each situation. He jus finished his sixth cycle of Videza. There have been no improvement but he is holding steady. Platelets run between 15-30. All other blood counts are low but have not needed any transfusions yet. Thankful for each day.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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