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MDS CML or AML????

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    Went for weekly lab draw today. WBC up to 17,000. Started out in Nov. with low WBC’s, HGb and low platelts. Now wbc’s up and other two low. They think maybe Im progressing from RAEB-2 to CML? I though my diagnosis would turn into AML. Weird thing is Iv’e read up on CML and I dont have abnormal cromosomes as of Nov. 1st. Can that change? May be another bone marrow tomorrow or Fri…and if CML may start chemo while waiting for stem cell transplant…Im so confused now. They drew a peripheral smear and I guess they are looking for blasts?

    B. Greene

    What we were told is that if the WBC bottoms out it is trans. to AML if it goes up it is trans. to CML. We have never had any abnormal chromo either but trans to AML literally overnight. Good idea to do the BMB and see what is going on. I agree it is just confusing. Throughout our whole ordeal the chromo have never changed to anything other than normal. Presently they are doing a fish scan and waiting for the results to see if we can pinpoint exactly where the problem is and if there is anything out there that really focus’s on the defect. I think you are better off if it is CML as there are more drugs that are very effective. Sending good thoughts your way. Barbra


    WHen Bob was first dx and they did the initial BMB they ran the test for the abnormal chrom and He did not have any (Can’t remember which One) but the dr said they ruled out the CML. OUr Dr also said like Barbra, CML there are more drugs
    WHen Bob’s WBC go up his blast go up and thats when our Dr put him back on the Vidaza so he would not trans to AML.
    Prayers are with you Pam


    Performing testing for bcr:abl gene rearrangements is what is used to exclude chronic myeloid leukemia (CML).

    Pam L.


    On the Fab classification the MDS disease is CMML or CMMoL for cronic Myelomonocytic leukemia. CML is a different disese I think Which one are youall talking about being tested for? I would thonk it would be the MDS one.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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