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Mds rash and transplant option at 74

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    Janice Aucoin

    My mom was diagnosed in 2019 with intermediate mds. In December we discovered it was very high risk. They want to start her on Vidaza and hormonal injections. Her prognosis is not very good however she feels great despite her hemo 78. Wbc 2.8. Plat 42.
    She just developed a rash all over her chest and stomach. I’m wondering if anyone has ever had this happened. They prescribed her prednisone !
    Also we were never told that a transplant was even an option. I researched it and brought it up and was told the risk out weight the benefits at her age of 74. I see many people over the age of 70 online who have had the surgery and drs who now say they treat many patients over 70 unlike years ago. So my second question is what are your throughts on the transplant or experience at this age. We’re in canada and I’m not sure if the procedure is different and simpler in US ! I’ve contacted the Moffit canter in Tampa and awaiting response. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you 🙏


    Allogenic stem cell transplants are available everywhere in Canada, I believe. However, you may have to be assessed and treated at a major centre. Your local doctors should be able to refer you.
    The procedure is risky, especially as you get older.


    Hi Janice
    I’m a Canadian MDS patient. I am on lenalidimid for a different form of MDS. I break out in a rash for about a week between cycles of the drug. I use gold bond eczema lotion on it and it gives some relief to the itching and makes the rash go away. You may want to give it a try.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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