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Medicare and treatment of this stuff

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    If a patient is on Medicare and has a good supplement (AARP-J) …. should they find that most of the expense of treatment if covered? Are there horror stories out there of folks that had good insurance coverage and still had outrageous out-of-pocket expense? The Aranesp injections are so pricey …. what have been other’s experience with these issues? I’m going this round about way – because my mom has become downright superstitious about asking … figures it’s going to be what it’s going to be …. they won’t change treatment decisions based on cost … will just have to suck it up …. I guess. I’m not quite clear on her thinking – buyt trying to put her mind at ease.

    B. Greene

    We have had absolutely no problems (knock on wood) We don’t have RX coverage and sometimes the prescriptions get very pricey but otherwise it was a Godsend when he turned 65. Hopefully one problem you won’t have to worry about. Barbra


    I am on Medicare and have Blue Cross Blue Sheild (with RX coverage).
    Once the deductibles are met all of my costs are covered.
    I think that once Medicare covers their portion of my Procrit expense BCBS covers the balance. Dont think the RX coverage is involved .
    Same is true of my periodic Hemo sessions.
    Out of pocket thus far has been the deductibles.


    I also have medicare with a supplemental ins – Thrivent Financial for Lutherans. I have not had to pay for anything except for the tv when I was in Strong for a week. Medicare automatically sends the 20% to the supplemental and they pay their portion. Have had no trouble at all.


    dad has medicare and aarp – takes care of all the doctor visits and procrit shots(i suppose -because dad hasn’t complained to me)

    he has to pay 50% on his prescriptions


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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