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    Husband receiving Vidaza and Rivlimid treatments, lately he seems a little confused about what is going on around him. Is this normal or do these drugs cause early dementia? He is 67 soon to be 68.


    Kathy Stermer

    Have not heard of both drugs being used at the same time before. Are you at a Center of Excellence for treatment? Hopefully being followed carefully by care team and they are aware of what’s going on.



    Currently not at Center of Excellence as the only one is 2 hours away. He does 5 days Vidaza shots and 21 days Rivlimid. He had a 7% blast his last BMB reason for Rivlimid. I trust his care team but if this does not work well may make the trip to CE. He was currently in hospital with pneumonia and blood infection.

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    I just finished another 5 day treatment of Vidaza. I think it was the 13th cycle. During days 3 – 7, I am amazed at some of the decisions I make. I do things I would never do at other times. I have been able to keep my desk job, but try not to do anything important on days 4 and 5. By day 7 things are returning to normal. My wife was frustrated with me at first. Now, we are learning the pattern. When she questions my planned actions, I know just to trust her. I fought it at first. Now I know it is part of the treatment.

    I would add that my brain did not work correctly when my hemoglobin was low, either.



    Thanks for your reply it helps to know this is common. My husband has been on Vidaza since August of last year. His last BMB showed 7% blast so started him on Rivlimid. 5 days Vidaza and 21 Rivlimid (pill he takes once a day) not sure of side effects yet just started Monday but seems to be tolerating well. Was supposed to begin last month but ended up in hospital for a week and a half with pnemonia and blood infection. He also broke hip 5 years ago now arthritis setting in getting physical therapy twice a week thank goodness Medicare takes care of that. Good luck to you, day by day is all we can do.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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