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    Dad’s oncologist said it’s a miracle that he’s still alive. He’s doing so well compared to where he was even a week ago.

    He still has pneumonia but it seems like it’s improving. He hasn’t had a fever in days.

    He’s still really weak and requires a lot physical therapy. They said that once he is eating solid food on his own, they’ll probably transfer him to a PT facility. He really would rather stay at Roswell because he’s worried about being under the care of non-cancer doctors. I hope he expresses his concern to the doctors.

    Anyway, he’s doing really well and I told him that I’m really proud of him. He’s a “superman” in my eyes smile .

    Thank for the prayers. I’m so sad that Kathryn’s and Nicole’s fathers are gone. It could have been mine frown . I’ll be sure to appreciate what time we have left.

    Update at 3 pm EST:
    I talked to Dad (didn’t think I’d be doing that again) and he said that they took him off all of the monitors he was on. The physical therapist says that he’s improving a little. He’s scared of his own weakness. I can’t blame him! He’s still not taking anything by mouth. But other than that, he’s doing pretty good. Never thought things would be better (although there’s obviously still a long road to go).


    Carrie, I’m glad your dad is improving. I pray for things to continue this way.

    many hugs,


    Hey Carrie!!!

    Your dad is a mircale man!! How wonderful!! I have been praying that he would pull out of this. I am so glad to hear the good news!!! Carpe Diem!!

    Sending you best wishes always….



    that is great news…
    glad he is doing better…
    my husband is also still hanging out at hotel Roswell… his temp is down so it shouldn’t be much longer ’til he gets to come home…
    take care, di


    Good news Carrie – it’s a slow process but I’m sure he’ll get there !


    There goes goes the cycles of those ending their fight and those getting better. Won’t it be wonderful when they understand the diseases enough to control the outcome a little more! They are learning more every day and at least we can all know we contribute to that.

    Sandy L

    So glad for the good news. Keep up the good work. We will continue to hope and pray for his energy to come back soon.


    Glad to hear your dad is improving. Continued prayers.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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