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Mom could go either way…

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    Today’s blood test shows her wbc is down to zero, and other parts just as bad. The oncologist did a bmb but of course, it’s another holiday weekend, so we may get preliminary results on Mon. He said the zero wbc could mean the leukemia is filling up her bm, or maybe the vidaza has done its job and this is the bottom before rebounding.

    Please keep us in your prayers and Have a Happy New Year!


    Margaret, hopefully it’s the good news your doctor is speaking of. It seems that the Vidaza seems to bottom things out. We’ll all be thinking of you and rooting for things to work out.



    Hi Margaret, I’m with Greg, hoping the news is positive. please keep us updated…and have a better New Year. Jody

    B. Greene

    Ron sure bottomed out on the Zarnestra so hope this is what it is and you get good news this week. It sure tears you up waiting and worrying.


    Hi Margaret, Just hoping so much, that this is the begining of your Mom getting better. Our best wishes for her fast recovery Kate and George


    Margaret, Hoping all are correct and this is just the start of Better news and that the counts and cells will start coming back. Thinking of you


    Margaret, Hoping for the best for your Mom.she will be in my thoughts! Suzanne


    Margaret ~ I will be praying that this is a good sign for your mom!!!!


    Hi everybody, thanks for your positive thoughts and prayers, but it’s not to be. The dr said late today that the preliminary results from her bmb shows a minimum of 50% blasts and it may be as high as 70%. It looks like the vidaza did not work and now she has to decide whether to go forward with the myletarg (not sure how to spell it). They told us before it only had a 15% chance of remission, so she hasn’t had any desire to try it. she may change her mind…
    Thanks again, Margaret


    Margaret, Sorry about your mom. I’ll keep praying and hoping for some good news.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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