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Mom had a heart attack….

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    Boy was it a long day yesterday. We got a call around 9:30 yesterday morning telling us that mom had a heart attack and for us to get there. She has a DNR and they were worried about that. After a series of test they said that it was a mild heart attack and they want to watch her for a couple of days. I just praise the Lord that she was in the hospital when this happened. If she would have been home she probably would not have made it. They had to give her 2 more units of blood yesterday..that makes 4 units this week. That kinda bothers me. They did say that her MRI showed that she has some infection in her back and that is why her back is hurting so badly. They have her on a pain patch and it is helping alot. I talked with her this morning and she said she had a pretty good night. We were able to get hospice set up for her yesterday for when she comes home. That was like having the world lifted off my shoulders!!!

    Well…just wanted to let you all know what was going on. Have a great New Year!!!!
    Love to all!!!


    Thanks for keeping us updated. I am glad you are getting the needed help for when your mom comes home. Will keep her in our thoughts and prayers. Hope you and yours have a Happy New Year.


    April, I’m so sorry to hear about your mom’s heart attack. Hopefully her infection clears up soon and she’s well enough to go home. I wish you and your mom a better new year!
    Thanks for keeping us updated. Take care, Jody


    April, sorry to hear about all the issues. Wishing the best for your Mom.

    Take care,


    April, Your Mom seems like a fighter. It must be so hard for you I will continue my prayers and hope she comes through this well.


    Thanks everyone. I’m just praying that 2005 is better for ALL of us…


    Hi April, Best wishes for your Mom recovery.Our thoughts are with you. I hope she will be able to go home soon. Have a happy and healthy New Year. Kate


    Mom is doing better. They now have her on heart meds and blood pressure meds. They still can not keep her temp down. It was up to 101.4 last night so they gave her some tylenol. They will not give her any until her temp reaches 100.5. She broke out in a horrible rash over the weekend. They think it was an reaction from one of the meds that they had her on so they switched that. Then she thought she saw ants on the ground, heard me and my daughter talking, etc. So they had to switch her pain med. But I guess that is one of the the side affects. We still don’t know when she will be getting out but we have Hospice set up and ready for when she does come home. She did tell me the other day that she is ready to go “home”. I really don’t know how much more she will fight.

    Well, Just wanted to give you that update from the weekend…Love and prayers to all!


    April, I certainly am hoping for the best for your Mom! But I do think that when we don’t have the strength to fight any more the end can be a blessing-Much harder on the remaining family probably then it is for the patient. Sounds like you-all are doing a wonderful job of helping and supporting her. Suzanne


    April-I’m keeping her in my prayers. Hang in there hon.


    April, Wishing the best for your mom. You never know . Just read the update from Bec. It wasn’t that long ago that her dad was pretty bad off. Try to stay positive. Many prayers going out on this site.


Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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