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My Choices for newly diagnosed AML

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    Russ–just checking in to say hello and hope all things are going good for you. My Dad has been in “remission” (if thats what you call it) since almost December. His counts are all up and holding their own. His doctor told us that he should be getting more rounds of Dacogen (he only had one) but since that put him in the hospital for 3 months he’s going to wait and see. My Dad doesn’t want to take it again. Just wanted your thoughts on this. Once again, hoping and praying your doing well.


    Russ P.

    Hi Kathy,
    Good to hear from you. You need to find out if it was the Dacogen that put him in the hospital.
    Dacogen does lower WBCs and PLTs so need to make sure counts are up to start then take antibiotic and antiviral when they drop.
    I had no problems at all with it and thought it was easier than Vidaza. The problem was my blasts in BM went up to 35% (AML). Am now on a clinical trial of Vidaza and PDX-101. Will get a BMB Mar. 26 to see if any progress. PTL for your Dad’s remission – hope it keeps up.


    Hi Russ–will say some extra prayers for you on the 26th. According to my Dad’s doctor it is the Dacogen that is working but he should have a full round of it. His doc did mention that he would try Vidaza on him later if his blasts went up. I just keeping thinking how blessed we are that he’s somewhat okay. I really hope to hear some good news from you about your BMB on the 26th.


    Russ P.

    KLS, I sent you a private message but did not see an answer. Am curious about your dad’s treatment at U of C since he has been on 4 rds of Vidaza & PDX-101. I have had only 2 but have a BMB schedued for 3/26. My hemo/onc always gave me an IV of Versed before the taking the bone marrow. Wonder if they give any meds like that before your dad has a BMB.


    Hi, I was wondering what ever happened with your dad? My grandmother isn’t in very good health either right now. They’re not wanting to try anything, but we’ve been reading about different trials to at least give her a chance instead of giving up. I pray all went well.

Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)

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