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My mom (78) diagnosed Dec with CMML

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    Well, this is my first post. I am an R.N. and live 400 miles from my mom who is in Los Angeles. She was admitted to Cedar Sinai in December with bronchitis, ended up with a Hgb of 7.5 and in the process found out that she has CMML. She just completed her first week of Vidaza and her numbers have improved. Hgb 12, not sure of the platelets but they are O.K. Now she is getting something for WBC improvement.

    As an R.N. I have been searching the internet for all the information that I can find, and I found this site. It has helped me lots. Tried to go down and see mom today, but the weather didn’t permit it. I did see her around Christmas. She is very weak and frail now, but tolerated the Vidaza pretty well. Our main problem is that she isn’t eating much, and we know how important that is. She has absolutely no appetite. My dad gives her an Ensure shake every day and that seems helpful. He is also 78 and is doing a great job taking care of her.

    Thanks for listening, all. I hope to get to know you!



    Hi Andrea sorry you had to find this sight. Hope your Mom is doing well. Is she getting something for the nausea before the Vidaza. Bob’s first time with Vidaza the doc gave him Compuzine which is taken orally (being an RN you prob know) anyhow He took it right when he got the Injection so id did not work that fast and He had such a day throwing up. After that we started Zofran ODT he would take it before we left for the Doctors office and then he never had a problem. We do have a Nutritionist however with Diet and Supplements as well.
    Bob got Dx with the MDS last year as a result of a Very Bad Bronchial infection was in the hospital three times until they got it under control. Right now he is doing the Vidaza again but his counts are hanging in there.

    Prayers are with you


    Hi Andrea,

    Welcome! Sorry to hear about your mother. Hopefully her appetite improves. With better counts from the Vidaza, hopefully she’ll be feeling better soon. Take care, Jody


    Thanks for writing. This next week I hear that Mom will be getting some injections for the WBC’s I’m not sure what the medication is. Is it true that Vidaza affects the WBC’s and that when it does, it is working? Doesn’t make much sense.

    Thanks again, Andrea

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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