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Neupogen (Zarxio) injections

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    Sheila Fossberg

    My husband has recently started the Neupogen (Zarxio) injections. He has had 4 in total so far. His last blood test in March showed a white count of 0.79 and a Neutrophils count of 0.29.
    My question is… has anyone taken this particular medication and if so did you experience a side effect of severe nosebleeds? Also, could you possibly share with us what to expect from his next blood test next week? Did you notice a considerable increase in the white cells after starting the treatment?
    Thank you for any information you can share with us. Appreciate it.

    Andrea Sileo


    Neupogen generally does not have long term effects. If he is getting labs next week there might not be any change in his counts. Today we spoke to my moms MDS specialist at City of Hope and he said they do not use Neupogen because it can increase blasts and also affect the production of the red blood cells and platelets. If platelets are low, there can be nosebleeds. Is your husband on any kind of chemo? Chemo will decrease the white count and neutrophils during the cycle. It’s very important for your husband to be on preventive antibiotics, antiviral and anti fungal meds with low white counts.


    I was diagnosed in June 2016 with MDS, trilineage dysplasia with sole cytopenia being low wbc. I’ve been on watch and wait since diagnosis. My wbc ranges from 1 to 1.8 pretty consistently at monthly blood draws. Neutrophils approximate 25% of white cells. ANC consistently lower than 500. Exceptions are if I have a skin or sinus infection. When my wbc is on higher end (2.5 – 3.5) my hematologist will give me neupogen/zarxio as she suspects some kind of infection.

    At outset I received neupogen fairly regularly during the first six months post diagnosis. I believe that was to gauge my reaction and tolerance. Each injection would raise wbc to normal levels for approximately 36 hours. I asked why not just give me injections every 3 days? Response was fear of increasing blast counts, as cited by Andrea.

    I had a recent skin infection and received two zarxio injections. Those were the only injections I have received since January 2020.

    After neupogen/zarxio injections I experience mild bone pain typically around my knees or lower leg. No nosebleeds.

    I hope this helps.
    Best wishes.

    Jack Allen

    I was on neupogen self injection every other day while taking Revlimid.
    My Dr. switched me to NeuLasta which is 1 shot/month.
    This brought my neuts from, .5 to 2.5 and solved my problem for the full 2 years I was on Revlimid.

    Elaine Elaine

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