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    I would like to hear of anyone with MDS, that has used the drug NEUPROGEN, to raise the level of neutrophils. Ron.



    I used Neupogen briefly to boost my WBC before and after surgery. It was not a good experience. I had a 7 shot series to self administer and I got through 6 before I had a reaction. I got a severe back ache.

    The 6 shots did increase my WBC a lot and did last for several weeks. I’ll not take it again though because of the reaction.


    I had neuprogen prior to having gall bladder remove last year. Did not have any problems that I remember. Jim


    I may have to use neuprogen, the gangcyclovir IV that I am administering now only once a day Mon-Fri, has lowered my WBC significantly, they are watching closely. But my Dr mentioned maybe having to stop the gangcyclovir and using neuprogen and then going back on it. Guess I’ll have the PICC line for awhile. Probably will have BMB sometime this month and I want to know how things are progressing anyway.


    I take Neupogen three times a week and aside from some early round back aches I have had no problems. My white count still goes up and down some but without it the white count gets pretty low.

    I hope you have good luck with it too!


    Ron, I’ve been on neupogen .5 ml every 2nd. day since July 2003.It has kept my WC in the normal range since then. I self inject with no know side effects. Dave A

    Bob P

    Hi Ron,
    I have been on Neupogen for a couple of years already. I do self inject. It has held up my WBC all along. I was taking 480mcg 3X a week but developed a lot of bone pain in my ankles so my doc reduced the dose to 300mcg. It worked but not quite as well.



    From 3/01 to 8/04 I took 300 mcg’s 2x weekly of Neupogen. Prior to the start of Neupogen, I had a wbc in the 1.9 range with an ANC below 400. I was symptomatic with repeated treatments required for opportunistic infections.

    My quality of life was increased while on Neupogen, however there were side effects from the shots. Within 12 hours of a shot I would get headaches, large bone pain (mostly in the legs), and restless leg syndrome when inactive. Most of this was controlled with prescription strength and otc pain meds (non-narcotic). For my purposes, the treatment was worth the aggravations. The side effects didn’t stop me from life’s enjoyments, where as the low counts did.

    In August I stopped taking Neupogen as my WBC had increased to 17. Since stopping Neupogen, my wbc has leveled out and maintained at just below normal levels. At the same time my hgb dropped to 8 and plts to 40. Starting in October 04 my plts have recovered, however I now take Procrit for my hgb. I don’t believe (either does my doc) that the changes in my counts and marrow profile are associated with Neupogen use.

    Hope this information helps in your decision-making.
    Best Regards,
    Pam L.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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