MDS is a bone marrow failure disorder
MDS is a blood cancer
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    Thanks Suzanne re:his diagnosis I know he has elevated white blood cells 40,000 and blasts. Everything is pointing to his exposure to Agent orange in Vietnam he was also a painter by profession. Lovely what chemicals can do to us!


    What was his blast level. That can be as important or more important then his counts-at least in the type of MDS I am familiar with. Has someone already asked if he is seeing a hemo that is very familiar with MDS and AML preverably a center of excellence. See Neils recent posts about that.

    Mark Rogers Mark

    I have been in this group for a long time but have not posted in a while… My blood counts have remained stable for over a year for which I am thankful.. I recently had a bout of norovirus, an bad intestinal virus, which really hammered me and I spent four days in the hospital.. It seems it also hit my bone marrow and my cell counts along with my Hemoglobin went very low. My hematologist gave me two units of blood which has helped me considerably but I do not know if my bone marrow will remain affected by this virus or not… Its just a waiting game for now… I will try to stay more active on this forum in the future…

    I have also been told that the VA will not recognize any medical condition not on the ‘Presumed List’ which really sucks since there are so many of us that have been affected with this from our service in Vietnam…

    May God be with you all…


Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)

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