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Nosebleeds started after beginning Procrite

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    Claranne Berg

    I’m recently diagnosed with MDS, I’m 68 and had been in excellent health until routine physical turned up anemia. I began vidalz and the after my second round my doctor added shorts of procrite and that’s when the nosebleeds started. It like clock work , shot on Monday and by Frida. or Saturday I get a nosebleed. So far my doctor has dismissed this idea. My platelets have been lower and I never got nosebleeds. They whole thing is making extremely anxious . I would appreciate ant feedback Thanks



    Dear Claranne, When you have a low platelet count, the risk of bleeding may become evident as nosebleeds, gum bleeding, blood in the urine, or tiny purple spots under the skin. When beginning Vidaza treatment it is expected that your counts may get worse before they get better. This happens because the hypomethylating agent is deleting those cells that are not doing their job, however, in the very beginning some of the good cells get caught up in the deletion process. This is an indicator that the drug is actually working. Typically it takes between 4-6 cycles to see an increase in your counts. It also takes time for the Procrit to kick in. Hopefully your nosebleeds will subside once the medicine kicks in giving a boost to your bone marrow.


    Claranne Berg

    Thanks for you’re response. Sometimes the nosebleeds are difficult to
    Stop and and have landing me in the hospital. I thought procreate kicks in in 2 to
    To 6 weeks. When I’m on the vadalz, my blood pressure drops very low.
    I have to adjust my medication. Then when I’m just on the procrite the pressure
    Starts to raise. There is so much to manage. But I’m trying to stay positive
    Thanks for you’re response

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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