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    JIm W

    I spoke to my Mom today afetr her first Vidaza treatment. Said it went pretty well. 2 simple shots (1 in each arm) and the only thing she felt was a “warm” feeling (generally-not injection site). I also asked her what her numbers were from an early December report. She had them, but unfortunately I left them at the office-so I’m hoping some of you can give me the ranges that would be normal. I know she gave me her Hg, WBC, RBC, and Plateletes. Also, how often will they check these? I have this marked as a “favorite place” on both home and work comouters, so this’ll be a place I’ll look first thing throughout the day and repeatedly. Any help would be appreciated.


    Jim, These are for a female and they are the values they watch for me. Different charts for normal can vary slightly and they are slightly different for males and females.(males are slightly higher.
    WBC 4500-11000
    RBC 4.0-5.20
    Hemoglobin 12-15
    Neutrophil 1500-7800
    Hematocrit 36-46%
    Platelets 150,000-400,000

    JIm W

    Thanks…! These are the numbers I rec’d from my Mom: HG 10.1, WBC 12, RBC 3.83, Plateletts 61. Any help interpreting? Any other numbers that would be relevant that I should look into?


    Jim, My husband Bob on Vidaza and His counts are WBC right now still a little high at 14, RBC 4.5 norm, HGB runs anywhere 10.3 to 11 and Plts from 40 to 60. Dr is satisfied with these counts during the Vidaza. Last time after 6 rounds of Vidaza his leukemic blast in the marrow went down to normal so they stopped the vidaza 7 months without and the Counts were pretty normal except we could only get the plts up to the 80’s.
    I hope your Mom has success with the drug.

    We see the Doc today, Oh by the way, our Dr does Bob counts every week we go to the office for his CBC to be done


    Hi Jim,
    Her counts are not too bad—on the surface.
    Her WBC is slightly high. Something to watch.
    Does she have any blasts? In the marrow? In the peripheral blood?
    Believe you said she had an abnormal chromosome—5q-.
    The WBC may be the indication of an infection. Something to be watching.
    HGB is on the low side, but not too bad. It can be decieving. The threshold for fatigue varies from person to person. Some can tolerate counts around 8.0 others have difficulty around 10. Again something to watch.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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