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Osteoporosis and MDS

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    Hi……I’m wondering if anyone has had Reclasp Infusion (yearly infusion) for osteoporosis with your MDS treatment? I am scheduled for a Reclasp infusion this Tuesday and I am very worried about the possible side effects. Then if I start treatment for MDS this year, how will it all effect me? I would greatly appreciate hearing from anyone who has had Reclasp infusion. Donna



    Have had one Reclast infusion and no side effects that I remember. Just tired from the long day. I take Aransep for MDS every 3 weeks. So far so good after 2 years. Keep smiling and stay healthy.



    Thanks for the encouragement. I decided to cancel my appointment tomorrow because of all the awful side effects. I might go for a second opinion to see if there is anything different they can give me that won’t be in my system for a year. It is good to know that the Reclast doesn’t interfere with your MDS treatment. Donna

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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