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Papaya leaves

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    Carolyn Allen

    I understand that pawpaw leaves help raise platelet levels. Has anyone tried this – and with what results?


    Below is an earlier post of mine about platelet counts.

    For low platelets you might want to try organic dry papaya leaf. I buy 1 pound bags of organic leaves online from Starwest Botanicals, but there are other retailers. I buy paper tea bags and scoop a tablespoon of dry leaves in each bag and staple shut. Steep the papaya tea bag in hot water for 5-6 minutes. It may help. There is research showing that papaya can increase platelets. I have been drinking one cup per day for six years and my platelets have increased from where they were when I started. Give it a try — it certainly won’t hurt. I have read that two cups per day is completely safe. Good luck.

    Clement Rose

    I too drink papaya leaf tea and papaya juice. I also take Black Sesame Seed capsules. I can’t say they have helped me. I recently had a heart attack along with the MDS. It was found my platelet count was down to seven. I have had several platelet transfusions since, but they have not helped. My oncologist has suggested I start on Proscrit in hopes of increasing my red blood cell count. But the side effects list too many problems involving the heart. I am still pondering that move. But like TAM stated, papaya will not hurt you.

    Mer Stpierre

    I added organic papaya leaf powder to my daily juice at the end of February. Unfortunately, my platelets have been as high as 145k and this week down to 25k. So, am unsure of any benefit (same with wheatgrass for hemoglobin). I haven’t seen any real scientific studies on either of these, just anecdotal accounts, but my oncologist agreed it could not hurt.

    Susan Paolilli

    Hi Carolyn and Allen! When I was diagnosed 1 yr ago, I was very frustrated when I was told that there were no treatments so I used the NCBI website for my research. If you type in “herbal treatments for thrombocytopenia”, a number of promising research studies will discuss herbal treatments for thrombocytopenia in your case or neutropenia in my case. I have been on the herbal and acupuncture protocol for a while and my blood counts are greatly improved. I hope you can find something useful.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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