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Platelets – Increased with Papaya Leaf Tea

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    Eugenia Sozzi

    Hi all,

    My mother was showing symptoms of MDS. We didn’t get to the point of doing a bone marrow biopsy , but our oncologist said that blood tests over a period of time as well as other symptoms such as nose bleeds, more frequent illnesses, etc. were all pointing towards MDS.

    We started with exercise and getting my mother’s heart rate up to 150 during workout sessions (even though she is in her 70’s, she already was in excellent shape). This helped stabilize some of the blood counts, but it didn’t make a real dent in them.

    Then I read about papaya leaf tea. How it’s used to treat dengue because dengue attacks your platelets – and papaya leaf tea seems to bolster your immune system in general but platelets in particular. So I did research and read forums and found mixed results, though the research was promising and some people on forums had used it successfully (including forums like cancer patients undergoing chemo, etc.). Then I had to weigh form of intake, costs, availability, etc. In the end, I decided on one person’s advice in particular (from one of the forums, can’t remember which one):

    One bag of papaya leaf tea, first thing in the morning (so on a fast, in essence), holding off on breakfast until at least a half hour later. That was it.

    In case you want to know where to get the product, we chose an organic version of the tea from Buddha teas, and we’ve had good experiences with them, though there’s certainly other sources.

    With just the exercise, her platelet count in May of 2015 was 89, then 96 in September. We started her on the tea regimen in December. One month later, in January of 2016, her platelets had jumped to 129. Her other blood counts also showed a mild improvement.

    These were *precisely* the results we had expected from our research, but didn’t dare to hope for. I put this out there for anyone else who may wish to try it.

    Good luck, my friends.

    Eugenia Sozzi

    I should add that we steep the tea for 10 minutes.

    Clement Rose

    I tried the tea after reading your post. I have a blood test every month for MDS. My platelet count was 62 on Feb. 22, 2016, I ordered the tea after that date and began drinking two cups everyday. I love the tea, with nothing else in it. On my April 20, 2016 blood test my platelet count was 87. My WBC and RBC are staying yet on a low level. I will be going in tomorrow for my May blood draw, and will post whatever my platelet count may be.

    Eugenia Sozzi

    Hi Clement! That’s great news! So how did May turn out? My mother’s next follow up is still several months so no news since the Jan one I posted. We are praying it holds. Our next concern is raising WBC’s, and for that we are trying a daily regimen of at least 2 cloves of garlic, cut up 10 mins before consuming (that part supposedly is important for developing antibacterial/antiviral enzymes/properties). We very slowly worked up to that amount because it can upset your stomach if you start eating too much garlic right away. Will post in a few months after next follow up w results. Clement, we’re interested in hearing how it went. Good luck, everyone!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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