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Pros n cons of having port

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    I am on Vidaza n am now faced with finding good veins to use. Get Vidaza for five straight days n three weeks off, so was told several times by nurses to have Port put in but for some reason a little hesitant to get it done. Would like anyone’s experience having one.

    Kathy Stermer

    I can’t address as a port patient but am a MDS patient and nurse who has many years experience in working with ports. They are wonderful for those who have none or run out of usable veins due to caustic properties of chemo or other drugs that can damage veins. That being said, it is a foreign body placed in your body which has potential for infection, blood clots at end of catheter, can be difficult to access based on placement location, practitioner experience or anatomical variables such as body size. I’ve had patients who’ve had them in for years with minimal issues and others who have experienced some of the above issues listed. Weigh the pros and cons and discuss with your docs on what’s best in your case.

    Kathy Stermer

    Another thought I had… I usually had patients request to have their ports placed by The Interventional Radiology department vs surgeon as we seemed to have more issues with ports placed by surgeons ie difficulty with access, placed on a tilt creating difficulties or placed too deep in the chest causing difficult access. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for patients and caregivers.


    Port placement requires a surgical procedure; IV access does not.

    Dale Frank

    Thought I replied to this but must have messed up. I had a port “Power Port” installed about a month ago because of injection site reactions to belly shots. Have had one transfusion and one round of (5) Vidaza injections through the port and find it much preferable to belly shots. I agree that port should be installed by doctor very experienced with ports, usually an interventional radiologist.


    Thank u. Having another round of Vidaza next week n will discuss with Doctor. Appreciate input. Also attending MDS Forum in Seattle on September 10 so hopefully will meet people with MDS. Live in a small community so haven’t met anyone with this. Luckily I found this site so I have some others to ask questions n learn how others r coping.


    I had vidaza via injections and it was no biggie. I had them all done in my thighs since I had a lotta spare fat there. I declined shots in my stomach. Ugh. I had some in my arms at first but they were too sore after. My chub thighs finally came in handy.

    I really hated having a port. It was placed while inpt for a SCT. It’s so hard to deal with in the shower. Trying to cover it and keep it dry when I just wanna relax in a nice warm shower. Not happening. I was THRILLED to have it removed around day 60.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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