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MDS is a blood cancer
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    Hi,i didn’t introduced myself,i am from Bucharest,Romania,and my boyfriend 22 years has AML or MSD.He is now at the second round of chemo and his bloud tests are very good(white cells-6800,platelets-250000,hmg-12,2 )and even after the first round o chemo he has no longer any blasts.Today i asked his doctor if he has blasts,how many and she told me that are 0.So this is a good thing,or not?And if it is good he has any chance of cure?If someone knows anything please share it with me.Thanks.


    Alice it is a good thing. They will probably say he is in”remission” meaning nothing is active now. There are a very few people who might be “cured” from chemo. They will at least have to wait a year or more before they even use that word with caution because a high % of patients relapse in the first year. I hope he will be one of the lucky ones.


    If he is in good health, other than the mds/aml, and in good physical conditiooon, at his age, it would not be wrong for him to work for a cure and to go on for many years with a good quality of life. There are a lot of things that have to fall into place and getting here should provide you with some support and direction on what he should as of his doctors.

    andrzej g.

    0.0% blasts is perfect but more data would be necessary.
    Esp blood marrow aspirate and the trephine biopsy evaluation.
    Regards, Andrzej.


    I was diagnosed with MDS in Nov, but advanced to AML in Jan. I only had one round of chemo and my BMB the end of Jan was clean and all my counts came up on their own….then I had another BMB as a work up for SCT and the blast count was 3% which is good but other things to look at in BMB. The pathologist keep saying in the report that I had slight this and slight that changes in some of my cells……..which makes it suspicious of recurrent or persistent myeloid neoplasm possibly from prev diagnosed MDS. Doc said this wasnt a bad report, but just reaffirms the need for a SCT…Await admission on the 19th with SCT on the 29th………wish me luck…and good luck to you. I do hope your boyfriend stays in remission, like Suzanne, for a long time. Good luck


    Thanks and good luck Pam.Our doc said that he don’t need any transplant,that he is working very well his treatment.I also hope that everything will be fine with him,with us,even i know that things will never be the same.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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