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Radiation of the speen

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    Ellie was right, Bob did have the radiation, They were hoping to reduce the spleen and get his platelets boosted. The spleen went down. His counts held ok, but the platelets never really came back and that was always Bob’s problems he was consistantly having episodes from the low platelets. The stomach bleeds, The Sub bleed in the brain a year before he passed (The bleed was only in the lining and He fought it and you would never have known it happened)
    A little over a year later the bleed was in the brain itself and It was not reversable, he lost his battle. I had not responded to this before as I did not want to discourage anyone from the treatment. It did help Bob for awhile and it got through it with no side effects.

    God Bless and I continue to pray for everyone here.

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)

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