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Reintroducing myself

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    Hi, everyone. I just wanted to reintroduce myself and wish everyone a happy holiday. I haven’t participated in this list for quite a while.

    I had a double-cord blood transplant in April 06 at Fred Hutchinson for a bad-prognosis case of secondary MDS. I engrafted 100 percent, and there was no sign of the disease this summer at my last bone marrow biopsy. Since then, I’ve been dealing with some fairly bad graph-versus-host disease but I am fortunately able to still work part-time and feel fine a decent part of of most weeks.

    Happy to answer questions anyone has about my transplant and experience although I’m not 1/10 as knowledgeable as many of you about MDS!

    Wishing you all well!


    Hi Ms.Simon,
    I do remember you and am so happy to hear your good news. It’s great to know that someone has had sucess with their transplant. It will be encouragement for those considering that procedure.Please keep in touch,and best wishes for continued good health.


    What wonderful news. So happy to hear of your success. God Bless


    Simon Hang in there with the GvHD. A tiny bit of it might be OK keeping everything else in check. Great to see that you can work some of the time! Willie


    Hi Simon, I remember you from the BMT Chat Room. Glad to hear you are doing well (relatively speaking.) Congrats on doing a double cord transplant. May I ask your age?
    Loretta (aka. Letty)


    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome back!!
    Loretta, you asked how old I am–54.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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