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    Just got word from the Hutch via my Dr. that there are a lot of possible matches for me and that I am apparently a good prospect for a transplant. I was expecting just the opposite so I’m pretty up right now.

    I also ordered the BMT infonet book “Bone Marrow and Blood Stem Cell Transplants A Guide for Patients” to begin the process of finding out the pros and cons of transplants.

    I think it is going to be a tough choice. I know my family will want me to get it because that is the only chance for a cure. I’d like to get cured too but I am not sure of the risks of rejection, recurrance and long term problems. I’d appreciate any insight from folks who may be monitoring the forum and who are going through or have had this procedure.



    Bill and Mary,

    My father had an auto-SCT for NHL before he got MDS. He was in pretty good health going into it and it went really well! He got some mouth sores and he was tired but he was back to normal relatively quickly.

    I don’t have experience with an allo-SCT but my dad is a possible candidate for an all-BMT.

    Good luck with your decision.


    Bill, I have gotten most of the books free at the BMT clinic at OHSU. Have you asked the social service workers if they have them available for you. If you are near Portland, I would be happy to give you what I have – or directions to OHSU where they have piles of the booklets and pamphlets that I did not get. Jim


    Another interactive resource that you may want to join is the BMT-Talk mailing list. It is a forum for BMT discussions for patients, caregivers, donors, etc.

    You can find their information and sign-on protocol at the following address,

    Best Regards,
    Pam L.


    Great news Bill! Please keep us posted. Jody

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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