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So sad to hear of Neil's death

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    deb m

    mary lou,
    i don’t post very much here, but read a lot and will also miss your dad. he was very very wise and helpful. when my dad was diagnosed this forum was so helpful and your dad was an inspiration.


    There is another bright star in the heavens. Neil was one of the “special persons” whom God lent to all of us for too short of a time.

    May his family be comforted and find peace in this most difficult time.

    Anne G

    I read the site regularly, and was saddened by the news of Neil’s death. He was a wealth of knowleged.

    My thoughts and condolences are with his family.


    Kiwi Ken

    Dear Mary Lou
    This is a sad loss for us all as your Dad was the person a lot of us went to for advise.
    He will be sadly missed by all of us, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
    Kindest Regards


    I can’t say how sorry I am to hear about Neil’s passing. 5 years ago when my mum was diagnosed Neil was a tremendous source of knowlege and support, as he has been to everyone who uses this site. He never failed to explain things to me and try and keep me calm. His family should be proud that he was such a great friend and inspiration to all of us in this MDS family.


    Dear Mary Lou,
    I just learned of Neil’s death and am very sorry.
    We will all miss him very much. He always had great answers and was very encouraging. Neil was one of the “old timers” that we always looked forward to hearing. He will be greatly missed by all of us and our families.
    We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.


    I have had difficulty in logging in, so this is a little late.
    As a “lurker” over the years I have read much on this site but have not contributed a great deal, however I wish to add my thoughts relating to Neil and the impact he had on those he touched.
    When my husband was diagnosed in 2002 with MDS
    and given six months to live, Neil offered hope where there was only despair, insight and understanding when medical information only confused and most of all he offered us a large, caring family who would support us and all others on this site.
    Sadly over the 5 plus years since then, I have witnessed so many wonderful people in their battle with this disease, many of whom did not make it. I remember the names and details as if they were my immediate family, but more importantly I do remember those who have battled the odds and continue to contribute to this site, Suzanne, Jimbob and Frank to name just a few. We all owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Neil for his unstinting effort in helping so many of us.
    As an aside, my husband, now 72 is “alive and kicking” counts have dropped only minimally, is on no treatment and he puts in a full day’s work(or more) each day, so, my message along with that of Neil is to have faith and take each day as it comes, NO prognosis is written in stone.
    May he rest in peace and may his family be comforted to know just how much he helped so many of us.


    I am so sad to hear of Neil’s passing. When my father was first diagnosed, I posted a few questions on this forum and Neil’s reply was SO SO SO informational.

    I will definitely miss him!!
    *HUG* to MaryLou and family!!

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)

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