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to all my forum friends

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    Sandy M

    You probably don’t remember me, but I have not forgotton you. ( it’s Sandy …as in sandy and joe)
    I couldn’t log on for months now, but for some reason I felt like trying again…and poof !!! here I’am…haha
    anyway, I wanted to let you all know that I have been reading the forum daily, keeping up with new members as well as the members I know about from when my Joe was so ill.
    I’m still experiencing the “firsts” without my Joe, he passed away 9 mos. ago from M.D.S raeb which transformed to A.M.L, Our son lil Joe is 3 yrs. old now and is the splitting image of his father. I’m happy I was able to log in again , these past few months would of been so much easier if I had my friends to share my adventure with eek


    Hi Sandy, so good to see your post. Glad you continue to check in on us. I think of you often. Please continue to keep us updated on how you are doing.


    Hi Sandy, I’m so glad you are back. I also think of you often. I tried to look you up in the directory but you seem to have disappeared. I can’t believe it’s been 9 months (my mom too). Sometimes it seems like just yesterday doesn’t it? It’s great to have kids to keep you busy when you really feel down. Hope you are doing well.



    Welcome back Sandy, yes I certainly do remember you. I came on to the forum last Nov. and you made a big impression on me with your helpfulness and courage. I hope you are doing well it’s good you have your litle Joe. young children have a way of taking your mind off of the sad things in life. I don’t like to post my own sad feelings, there’s enough sadness on the forum. I just feel like crying when I read some of the posts, especialy for the younger people. I should let you know that I have memorial gardens for all of our friends from the forum who have passed. I started years ago for members of our own family, my mom taught me to do this for my father who died when I was very young. I have continued this for over 65 years. I now, have planted hundreds of flowers for my much larger forum family. This has given me a great deal of comfort, I think of the happy times with family and friends,they live on forever in my mind.And now my mother’s grand & great grand children are growers too.


    So good to see you back, I too have wonder how things were going for you. I know you must miss Joe alot but hope the memories are the good ones of the times he was happy and healthy. His legacy lives on in Joey. I know he is young but I feel you will keep Joe alive in his life. Glad you are back. You were an inspiration to alot of people, especially me. God Bless, Marsha


    Hi Sandy, I too have been thinking about you and the kids.
    I tried sending you a personal email but it kept coming back.
    Wonderful that you’re able to log on again!!.
    I can’t believe it’s 9 months since Joe passed, It’s coming up on a year since Mom passed away (Aug 1st). The time goes so fast (sigh).

    Strange having to start a new life isn’t it?
    It’s pretty amazing the strength we have within ourselves to go on, but you know, that’s what our loved ones would want.
    I just keep reminding myself, the pain is gone now for mom.
    Anyway, don’t want to start getting all melancholy now, you take good care Sandy of yourself and the kids.



    Hi Sandy, I just wanted to introduce myself…I am so sorry for your loss. My dad just passed away a couple of weeks ago and though mine was a different type of relationship, I know how difficult it can be at times. This group has been and continues to be such a warm & wonderful source of support.

    Children are such blessings. They have a way of brightening the darkest of moments and remind us of the love that created them. That is so special that your son resembles his father… What a gift.

    Well, welcome back!!



    Welcome back Sandy!
    Please post and keep us updated on little Joe. I think of you often.
    Naomi smile


    Hi Sandy;
    Great to see you posting. Your little boy must be the joy of your life, and I am sure he helps to ease the pain.Best wishes; Kate

    Sandy M

    I don’t know what happened but I replied to everyone, then it disapeared, so I’ll start over…haha

    Thank you, your exactly right, 9 months sounds like forever and just like yesterday all at the same time. lil Joe is still asking where his daddy is ! and …when looking at pictures he’ll perk right up and say…mom, that’s MY daddy…haha I don’t know why I disapeared from the directory, I tried re-registering and even the forum people tried getting me back in, but it just wasn’t working…then all of a sudden it did then poof !!! here I’am … I am so happy about it too, if anything …to share my experiences with someone and to also add my prayers for everybody… smile

    thank you , your garden is a great idea, I planted a fruit tree with Joey in rememberance of Joe, the tree signifies strength, the fruit signifies a rebirth of sorts and the shade it will provide when it matures signifies his daddys love surrounding him and comforting him, he might even be able to climb it one day to pick the fruit and feel like he’s sitting in his dads lap with the branches being his arms firmly around him. that was what I wrote in a poem fashion along with a picture of the tree for his baby book… smile

    Hi hun, I’m doing o.k. I remember talking with you not to long after your ordeal, I’m so happy your doing so wonderfully, I have found it difficult to stop the “fight” in a sence, I was on automatic fighting for Joe’s life in what seemed to be such a whirlwind of having to absorb info. research it and apply it…it’s actually taken me this long just to slow my brain down a lil bit smile Joe will always live on forever in our home and hearts Joeys room is almost like a shrine, and Joe’s portrait hangs up so it is always looking and watching down over our lil Joe while he’s sleeping and playing. smile

    Hi, yes it sure is strange starting a new life, I don’t think I’ve started a new one as of yet, I’m just continuing on a day to day basis and raising Joey to be the proud lil man like if Joe was still here with us…like you, I’m still experiencing all thoes “firsts” and it’s very hard (sighing here too ) your right about our loved ones wanting us to go on, Joe and I had many, many discussions about this exact thing as soon as he was dx. all we can do is take one day at a time and honor our loved ones by talking about them, sharing about them, and continuing the fight to find a cure for this horrible disease !

    this group of folks are a great family…everyone here is open, honest, caring, people who have a common link…I’m sooo sorry for your loss, and although the relationship was different, it’s still a huge loss ! How have you been doing so far ? lil Joe is a chip off the ol block, but I know as he get’s older the questions and answers will get harder … I was able to have the strength emotionally to go buy a camcorder when Joe was dx. and got them together on tape, many times, so Joey will have something to look at…among other things… thanks for introducing yourself, smile

    Hi…it’s great to hear from you smile you’ve had a struggle in and out of remissions, haven’t you…you keep fighting, theres newer meds now, and I strongly believe that one drug or a combination of drugs will come to the forefront and put a end to all the blood diseases…you’ve had access to more of them already than my Joe did. smile

    My dear Kate, I have grieved for you , you put up such a brilliant battle to help your husband… are you doing alright ? yes, my lil Joe helps to ease the pain , but…it also increases the pain in a sence, it’s going to be a long road, andI know this…but if we keep putting one foot in front of the other we’ll eventually get there…so take my hand and we’ll walk it together if you want too ! smile


    It is good to hear from you again. Through all of Joe’s suffering – and yours for him – you were an inspiration to many. and you remain such. I am happy that you have little Joey and many good memories.


    Hey Sandy, I have thought about you and little Joe so often and prayed that you and the girls are managing to overcome the loss of Joe. Walden will be gone one whole year on Sept. 8th. I have passed all of the “Firsts” even the first grandbaby born since Papa is gone. Daughter Elizabeth was expecting at the funeral and had been able to tell Dad that grand # 9 was on the way before he passed. Erin Rose was born on March 10th. All the grands have been the greatest blessing to help me through the grief.
    The grave marker was just installed last week. It looks so beautiful with our wedding picture in the center. It made me cry but that is okay, crying is good sometimes. Hope you are working through the loss with strength. Marie

    Sandy M

    Hi hun, I’am sooo happy to hear from you ! I believe that alot of my firsts have passed, when Oct. 24th. rolls by it will be time for me to complete the year by changing my answering service outgoing message (it’s getting pretty worn out)it’s alway’s had Joe’s voice on it , for years in fact, it’s going to be very different getting through the holidays but I think I will be better able to cope, I’ve even started to slowly listen to our county music again and lil things like that. that’s great about the grandkids, I bet they have been very good for you ! and how is your son doing ? can you let us all know how he is ?


    Marie and Sandy you are both so strong and am very happy to hear from both of you. Keep up your strength and know we are all thinking of you often.

    Marie how is your Son?

    Sandy M

    you are also VERY strong ! smile keep up a good fight,

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