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TP53 or p53 mutation

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    marilee seppelt

    Good afternoon,
    My boyfriend has been diagnosed with MDS w/tp53 mutation. He is being cared for at MD Anderson and is awaiting transplant. I have read so much about the dreaded Tp53 mutation and was wondering if anyone has any insight, similar diagnosis or might be able to share any updates on trials?
    God bless

    Christina Ana

    Hi there, I was diagnosed with MDS last October, also with tp53 mutation. I did not have a donor match, but I am young and, prior to this, had zero health issues so I qualified for a double cord blood transplant that I was told if worked properly would be a curative measure, not just remission. I received my transplant in February of this year. I’m currently over nine months out and doing well, recovery was tough as cord transplants are the most challenging of BMT to recover from. Once I hit my 12 month biopsy and all is clear, I’ll move to the next phase of my “survivorship.” In regards to tp53 monitoring, I work closely with my geneticist who ensures I am screened yearly including (full body MRI, Head MRI, Breast MRI, dermatology, gynecological). It is believed that if my transplant worked, the tp53 mutation would no longer be in my marrow/blood however, since the mutation is in your tissue as well, it is necessary to keep up with these annual screenings as preventative measures because tp53 puts you at a higher risk of developing other cancers. I hope this is helpful, and best of luck.

    li yi

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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