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transferred to AML

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    Hey everyone.
    Yesterday my WBC went up to 17,000 It has slowing climbed the last 4 wks….Doctor did a peripheral smear then it showed blasts in my blood. He said I have transferred to AML and wants me admitted to hospital today for induction. Will be having a bone marrow biopsy before. Im so nervous and afraid of the chemo. Still searching National registry for donor. Hope this puts me in remission and stays there till donor found.


    God be with you!!!! Don’t be afraid just keep you head up and pray to GOD. I will be thinking and praying for you . Just be optimist -this sometimes helps. Be brave . Good luck :)And let us know what happens.


    Pam, don’t be too nervous. Maybe as a nurse you know a little too much-that makes it hard! I was scared too but had few problems. a little nausea that they took care of immediately with meds. I did get a blood infection and a fungal infection during the first round when My counts were down-but again mild and taken care of with meds and They said pretty typical. There were about 4 or 5 days I was dragging but most of the time I was up and walking in the halls seveal times a day taking my Drug Tree with me. Hope your experience is ok too. I had a follow up round about 30 days later and breezed through with no problems. They said because my white count had come up in between and taken care of places that were suseptable to infection on the first round. wishing you good luck. keep us posted! Suzanne


    Pam ~ My prayers are with you. Lets pray that they got this early enough and you will be in remission in no time.


    Pam, prayers are with you. Remember think positive! You will be in our thoughts. Keep us updated.


    Pam, So sorry to hear the news. Wishing you a quick and easy remission and a SC donor match.Thinking of you, Jody


    Pam, I’m sorry to hear about that — keep your spirits up — I’m hoping a match will come around soon for you. You’re still young — that will be of great benefit to you as you battle this.

    We’ll all be thinking of you.

    Take care,



    Hi Pam, Focus all your energy into positive thoughts — you can beat this. Like Greg said, you’re young and that is of great benefit. Stay strong Pam. You will be in all of our thoughts and prayers.


    B. Greene

    We are all sorry this has happened but there should be no reason, especially at your age, that you can’t come through this in great shape. I think the thing that has pulled us through so far is Ron’s complete and total faith that he can do it and will do it. As you probably know he went through all the first rounds then relapsed and had much worse to go through yet again. Never have I seen him give up, be cranky, or waver in his determination and belief. I’m not sure how he manages this but his courage makes me stronger. So against all odds he’s here and he would tell you to read Bernie Segal’s books. I’m not sure that it is at all important what or how you arrive at the point of being able to believe but just that you DO. Ron went in remission on his first round as did Suzanne and while it isn’t fun the first rounds for someone your age should go smoothly. Our thoughts will be with you. You can do it.

    A note, I was interested in seeing the posting of the person who had the cord blood transplant. We weren’t able to get a match and haven’t seen much on this have you investigated it at all.



    I’m sorry to hear the news but it must be heartening to read Vance’s post about his wife’s transplant. I’ll pray they find a match for you ASAP.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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