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Transfusion today

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    Good morning,
    Well we had his counts checked yesterday because he was feeling pretty “……..”. They fell at a count of 6.8. So today is getting transfusion at Mayo, 3 units. My question is……how long does a transfusion last as far as counts go?



    Hi Barb,

    I’m sorry I can’t answer your question…just wanted say hope he feels better after the transfusion. Take care, Jody


    hi barb

    as with everything else with mds the length of time between txs varies with each patient – my dad usually goes 4-6 weeks

    hope things go well




    My transfusions have been lasting 4 weeks. I let my Hgb. go down to the low 70’s. I then receive 2 units which last approx. 4 weeks before I’m back to the low 70’s. This is different for everyone with the various stages of diease.


    Barb ~ my mom-in-law’s tx lasted about 3-4 weeks b4 she transferred to AML. Sometimes she would go longer. She was getting Plts every other week and was getting blood every 3 weeks.


    Hi Barb, Like Eve mentioned it varies, everyone is different. Mom started at every 4 weeks and then after about a year it became every 2 weeks, The Dr told her that what would happen eventually they wouldn’t be able to keep up, the RBC would just drop too rapidly.
    That was Mom’s experience, don’t think just because someone is in need of transfusions more frequently that they are going to die, that is not neccarsily the case.



    Hi Barb,

    Like the disease, results differ from individual to individual. Red blood cells have a life of about 180 days. Therefore in a transfusion you are going to get some full horsepower cells and a lot of lesser ones. I also suspect that there are other factors at work that determine the effectiveness of any one transfusion.

    I have had transfusioons that lasted longer than 8 weeks but they may have been assisted by procrit, though I doubt it. It may have been that my marrow just decided to work for a spurt. I have also had transfusions that did nothing, no increase in any numbers.


    Barb, I’m in error I think. RBC last 120 not 180 days. I presumed that the trans, is packed reds. Platelets last only a matter of days as a transfusion. I don’t know about white cells.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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