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    Charlie came in last night after a long day at the hospital getting red blood, irradiated and filtered. He was exhausted, no energy, low grade fever and aches all over. Thankfully this morning he feels much better and actually has energy that he has not had in a long time. His hemoglobin had got down to 7.5 when transfused yesterday. I wonder how long he can go between transfusions?

    Sandy L

    Hi Sarah,

    I hope he starts to feel better soon. Here’s hoping that the tx works.


    Hi Sarah, I don’t think it’s uncommon to feel awful right after the transfusion. It would usually take a couple of days for Mom to feel better and perked up. It was amazing how much better she would feel after that 1st day.



    Glad he started feeling better Sarah,

    Sandy M

    Joe would always feel better the following day after getting his tx. especially in the beginning, when he progressed to A.M.L that boost just wasn’t there anymore, … I always stayed with Joe while he was having his tx. to make sure that things were done properly (I had little trust in our hosp.) and it helped Joe to pass the time, it got to be our quiet time, but when the lasix was given he was up and down getting to the bathroom, and got even more worn out from that. I hope Charlie feels better soon smile


    I just had a reaction to a red cell transfusion a couple of weeks ago. Got chilled to the bone, fever, then sweats. I can’t take Benedryl. I’m allergic to it. Got through the reaction okay though. Deanna from Oregon


    Hi Sarah, Has the Dr. suggested Procrit or Aranesp ? Both have helped Glen, he started with procrit, that brought his counts up for a long time. When his hbg dropped to 8.0 dr. started him on Aranesp. His counts now are the best they’ve been since he was dx., even the platlets are way up, 187000 this week ! He did take ferritin inj. a couple of months ago for 4 weeks.What ever caused his counts to rise we are grateful for.
    Now we are confronted with blood clots again, it seems we can’t win with this disease. We left the east coast on tue. got as far as minneapolis, and went to the ER at Fairview Hosp. He was given an ultasound and dx with many clots, the Dr. wanted to admit him there, but stubborn man said no, he wanted to go home. He was given a direct admit to the Hosp. in Duluth. He was treated, keep over night and sent home to give lovelox and coumadin. this is a first for us, we’ve never had to give inj. at home before.This doesn’t disolve his present clots it just prevents more from forming.He’s on complete bed rest with leg elevated and little activity in hopes the clots will disolve on their own. We need to be aware of many things that can go wrong with this illness, including side affects from the various meds prescribed.I guess we have to take the bad with the good, one day at a time.
    I hope that things will work out for the good for Charlie.
    Praying for all those who are suffering with this unspeakable disease.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)

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