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Transplant ?

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    Krystal Horchuck

    My grandfather is running out of options and I just suggested a bone marrow transplant to his dr …I am calling monday for an eval, he has 5 sons and 25 grandchildren that can he tested…I also have two willing umbilical cord donations

    He is 77 and does have a heart condition, has anyone proceeded with a transplant at this age? Or with any history?

    The MDS is killing him, so I cant see why not praying a transplant would help

    Krystal Horchuck

    He also recently has been getting platelett transfusions but tuesday had an allergic reaction and was in serious condition but recovering great.but bc of the reaction may not be able to continue transfusions (waiting to find out if it was because the blood donor or my pop)

    Tracy Rhine

    I don’t know much about transplants. For my only option for one is through MD Anderson and they are not particularly in a rush to help me I don’t have insurance and MDA is more interested in providing care to foreigners.
    Even though Iam 45 and as far as I know had no heart problems but my chest has been hurting me for past two days and I read MDS can cause heart problems due to lack of blood and lack of oxygenized blood entering the heart.
    But I don’t know about grandchildren but I’d assume they are the same as children and not considered a good candidate. Siblings are the best candidates but at 77 I doubt there are many around. There’s a national registry that would be your best option if he is a candidate. But if he has other on going issues. I can not even get a port placed because my ANC , WBC, and platelets are so low so if I have had, am having or about to have a heart attack surgery is not an option for me.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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