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Transplant Diary

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    Rose eden Guanzon

    Day + 13
    We are going home tomorrow. The central line on his neck has been replaced by a PICC. Alleluia! We hope that the worst is over and pray that the stemcells of his sister find a good home in him. Pray, hope and do not worry! is my mantra.



    So happy for you both Rose! Was very surprised and pleased that he is leaving at Day +14; is that because he had a low intensity chemo – or just because he is a star patient? ๐Ÿ™‚ We met with our transplant team this week and my husband is ‘on the launch pad’ (as his doc put it) for a transplant very soon, with an anticipated hospital stay of 4-6 weeks. Because we are 2 hours away from the center we will need to stay in Buffalo (Roswell Cancer Center) for another 1-2 months after discharge. Initially the transplant doc didn’t seem to be in much of a hurry to move until he reviewed his most recent biopsy which indicates he has acquired an abnormal monosomy 7, and has 3% circulating blasts. And so the journey begins. My best to you and your husband – sending prayers and good thoughts your way.


    Paul Dyer

    So good go hear things are progressing for you. From here on out, itโ€™s a slow and steady battle. Remember, every little victory is one step closer to overall success!


    Rose eden Guanzon

    Day + 15
    Hi guys and gals. The docs say he was allowed to go home because his wbc is back to normal and he had showed no symptoms of adverse reactions to the transplant or to the any of the antirejection drugs. But it is too early to tell if the transplant was successful. Well, we count our triumphs by miniscule steps and we are just happy. We are staying near the hospital too. We are actually scared of being too far from the hospital. I suppose with each new day, we will eventually wean ourselves away from it.


    Rose eden Guanzon

    Day + 40
    We just got the chimerism result for day 28. It is 100%! Thank you for all yours prayers. My husband is doing well and we are content to measure success on a daily basis. The awful side effects we expected, in retrospect were not truly that awful. Thank you God.


    Mirna Mih

    Great news. Best of luck!


    Pat Lawson

    So glad to hear that he is doing so good!!!

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)

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