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types of AML

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    Some one recently mentioned that there were 8 types of AML and there was a link to a presentation on a UK site. I asked my Dr about what type I was. His answer was that those types were only for “de novo” AML-brand new AML not arrising from MDS. That AML from MDS is not classified the same way. Thought some of you might find that of interest.


    So how is AML from MDS?How is different from aml and why has the same name?

    andrzej g.

    It differs regarding the bone marrow architecture evaluated under microscope.
    Too much to talk about here at the forum
    Practically: AML ‘de novo’ (brand-new) arises within weeks, AML secondary to MDS needs at least months. Even if it is freshly diagnosed it can be easily distinguished in the slides whether this is either ‘de novo’ AML or AML secondary to MDS.
    Briefly: The AML Classification you mentioned is FAB Classification and apply to the types M0 to M7 according to the level of the marrow cells differentiation. Nowadays in treatment and in prognosis more important are the specific chromosomal mutations than the FAB subtypes of AML.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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