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update on Dad

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    Hey All.

    I have been keeping up with you and saying prayers for all with this dreadful disease. I have been so busy with new house but I wanted to take time to share my Dad’s success. He has almost fully recovered from his heart/kidney/lung failure. He designed my new fireplace, and then recently (with his grandsons help) laid brick on my columns and brick in my driveway. He did not like the way the bricklayers worked so he took over. We have spent many wonderful days together. The weather here is warm like spring and he is enjoying life so much. My Mom fusses but to no avail. I had to insist on cutting the brick cause I did not want him or my teenagers doing it. I have got pretty good but I am glad to soon end my “brick laying career”.

    So to all of you that are very sick or are on “deaths bed”, Never give up hope… Dad is still having Tx’s but they are every two and half weeks. He is back on procrit and all his specialist (all 12 of them) are amazed at his progress. He has not gained all his muscle control back yet but Drs say that could take a year. He seems to be content now with maintaining this disease with tx. I am still trying to convince him to try natural.

    Hope this finds you all happy and enjoying the new year….


    P.S. To all of you getting IVs and sticks. Make sure they clean your skin thoroughly and wipe any thing they are inserting with alcohol every time you get stuck. Insist on it. Staph is so dangerous. Take care of yourself and insist on sterile care.


    Bec, what happy news! Hope 2005 is full of happy days for you all. Keep us posted suzanne


    Bec, So happy to hear the good news about you father. Enjoy every moment together.Our best wishes for the rest of his recovery. Kate


    Wonderful news i am happy for you dad and Hope it continues. Wishing you well and will continue prayers


    Bec, Hugs to you!!! How sweet and precious that you are able to enjoy this time with your dad:-)


    B. Greene

    It is so wonderful to hear good news!!!!It gives all of us hope. I, too, had a course in bricklaying, in the middle of bricking our driveway when Ron got sick. I can remember laying something like three pallets one day and not being able to walk the next. Short career, HA.
    I had only a helper and it had to be done but boy my legs—–

    Each good day is a gift and like you we so enjoy them. Hope to hear more good news. Barbra


    Bec, So happy to hear such good news. The last I remember reading about your dad sounded so near the end. He must have some strong will. I am so happy you all have more time to be together. Cherish every moment.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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