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Vidaza and burning rash????

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    My dad started Vidaza on Monday…. he was to get it for Mon, Tue, Wed…. when he went in on Wed and showed them this burning hive rash they told him that he could not have this med as he has an allergy to it…. so today he has to go and get transfusions… he just had transfusions two weeks ago…. I am getting really worried about all this… anyone have suggestions???


    Hi Dawn, I’m sorry I don’t know anything about Vidaza.
    I’m sure others on the panel will be able to help you.
    It’s ok to have transfusions every 2 weeks, he’ll feel better. Try not to worry, I’m sure your Dr. we’ll figure out how to help your dad.

    Take Care,


    I don’t pretend to know what is best if not Vidaza – but I DO know about allergic reactions to meds.

    It’s such a bummer when allergies complicate things the way they can. I had to have two surgeries back to back a couple of years ago – my reactions to the meds I was given were bad after the first surgery, but HORRIBLE after the 2nd – severe swelling, hives, new rashes erupting 2 weeks after discharge. They discharged me early as I was reacting to the plastic tubing around the nose and mouth, the tape, the sheets, the stockings – even the bright orange, plastic bracelet marked “ALLERGY”!! Blisters everywhere! All of this triggered by either the pain meds or the antibiotic they had given me.

    Once the body gets into that “heightened allergic state” … it can start to react to EVERYTHING. I went on to have anaphylaxis on about a dozen occassions after that – over the stretch of several months and could never determine the cause/causes. Scary! Benedryl was a constant companion (also an epi-pen). I even got so that it didn’t knock me out! THAT’S a little concerning.

    After beginning a daily dose of Allegra (180 mg) – my body has calmed down to the point where I have had no anaphylaxis for nearly a year now. No Benedryl for nearly a year. I have even taken one of the pain killers/anti-inflammatory that I reacted so badly to before – with no reaction this time.

    I doubt that a Dr. would consider this a solution in your Dad’s case – but I find it interesting that the body’s allergic response to something can be controlled/maintained in that way. Also – don’t be surprised if your dad has allergic reactions to other stuff for a while until his body calms down from this response.



    My mom ended up with a rash on her abdomen which they think is an allergic reaction. Don’t know if it was the Vidaza , the procrit, or the Neopogen. The doc gave her some cortisone cream and she will probably use some Benadryl the next cycle. If the allergy is not life threatening, maybe Benadryl could help, instead of cancelling the Vidaza alltogether.

    Good luck Andrea

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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