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Vidaza experience?

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    the Vidaza Information from the MFG actually states that Chemistries should be done before each cycle. Besides the weekly cbc’s at the start of each round of Vidaza Bob’s liver, Kidneys are checked they do a CMP as they call the blood test.

    Russ- Bob originally was on it for 6 months and they off after 7 months same thing happened abnormal cells and the BMB showed increased blast. DR put him back on the vidaza and it has been helping.



    The testing seems to be the prudent way to spot potential problems. The hemo doc even said that they made a mistake (I believe he was taking full responsibility). Joe had many other problems. Vidaza was more-or-less a last chance for him anyway. It does seems to help many people. My best to you and Bob.


    Chuck – my dad did vidaza, a few doses, it worked in the begining, he tolerated it pretty well but then he got Sweets in April and his blasts went way back up. His doc feels that the nueprogen was to blame for bringing on the sweets and to this day will not give him anything to try to raise his whites.

    I think everyone is different and the whole chromosome isuue complicates it more. Good luck to you. I hope it works for you, you seem to be in good shape, I really think that helps. My dad has always has a lot of health problems. I am gonna get him on that pineapple though! Thanks for the help.


    Chuck, I have TX teacher retirement insurance through Aetna, and pay $35 for each visit (7 days of Vidaza shots.) I’m 58, so I have a few yrs. before I know what Medicare will do. In response to how I feel during Vidaza sessions: Day 1 and 2 OK, 3rd day on increased fatigue (but not as bad as when hmg. counts were low) and tend to be a bit moody. Shot sites are tender and anti-nausea medication is a must!


    Barb, I was so sorry to read of your husband’s kidney failure after Vidaza. Thank you for your braveness in continuing to share with us in this forum.


    hello all, I have been reading some of the posts and since my aunt has Chronic leukemia and AML i feel like she is not real lucky at this point. she is in a type of remission right now but has to stay on the Vidaza im assuming because it (leukemia)would be back.i worry that if she gets a cold she will be in trouble. She weighs about 94lbs. and is 80 yrs. old. For some reason she also cant see much.I go to her house every night after i get off work to read her mail.She says she knows that this remission is only temp. but i thought she would be happy but shes not. Her quality of life is not good. I wonder if something else will take her before the Vidaza effects her organs and etc, and shes very worried about getting the flu. I would like to hear some of the cons of Vidaza so i could maybe see the signs of something going on with her to compare. Thanks so much

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)

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