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Vidaza protocol

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    My husband just started Vidaza for MDS progressed to myelomonocystic leukemia. I have read that it is administered seven days in a row or five days then weekend break if facility not open and then the remaining two days. They started my husband on a Thursday …so he will have two days…weekend break…then five days.
    Anyone out there have that experience and/or does it matter? I am worried that maybe the effectiveness will vary because of the was it is being administered. They also have his second round scheduled longer apart than the protocol. Why is every step so difficult?
    Anyone have this issue?

    Owen Maguire

    Gailb I can personally relate to the circumstances you describe. I live in a community south of the Tom Baker Cancer in Calgary Alberta. There is a first rate sattelite Chemo Centre at our local hospital of the Tom Baker Centre. It is closed on the weekend and I have to drive to Calgary (1 1/2 hours ) on the weekend. My Hemotologist/Oncologist was involved in the original Vidaza trials and believes the dosage should not be interrupted. There are 4 other Vidaza patients at my Centre and their Oncologists let them miss the weekend and make it up on the Monday and Tuesday. I am just finishing my 27 Vidaza Cycle and am Trilineage although have never needed a transfusion. I am told I am a poster person for Vidaza even though my Hmgl, WBC and Platelets continuously remain below normal range.


    Thanks you for that information. I will be speaking to the doctor this week about future cycles and see what is going on with schedul8ng.
    Thanks again for posting.


    I just finished my first round of Vidaza last week and it seems to be standard practice around here, Montreal/Valleyfield, Qc, for there to be a weekend break in the schedule. My next round should be starting on the first Monday of May.

    Dawn O

    Hi my mom started vidaza today 140mg sub q injection and she’s vomiting. Is this a normal symptom and how long did it last? Any suggestions?
    Thank you!

    Kathy Stermer

    I was given zofran for nausea which I take as soon as I get home from appt which seems to help with nausea. Nausea and constipation seem to be the most prevalent side effect from others input. As we all are different, try what seems to work best

    Ken Yamashita

    I’ve been undergoing Vidaza treatment since Spring of 2014 and still going. However, my blast counts have slowly progressed from 5% to now 12% (from 2014-Present) with no bone marrow donor in site. I’m 48 years old living in San Antonio, TX and working full time as a Cyber Test Engineer. My Vidaza treatments consists of treatment each month for five consecutive days. During the holidays (e.g., Thanksgiving, New Years, Christmas) I receive treatment for four days instead of five. FYI: for those of you experiencing mouth sores and throat infections my solution to remedy this problem is gargling Listerine morning and night and occasionally after lunch. I haven’t developed any sores in over four months now. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please don’t hesitate to ask!


    My husband just started Vidaza but the doctors told us there was another drug they could add if this didn’t stop the increase of blasts….not sure of the name unfortunately. My husband is too old for a bone marrow transplant so that could be why the would try this particular drug…not sure. I also read that there is a drug just recently approved by the FDA. I have also looked into clinical trials. Good luck. Hope you find a match soon.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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