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Vidaza reaction? Is this normal?

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    Apparently my dad “was really pale, very tired and weak, had the shakes and slept 90% of the day away” after his treatments. The quote is from my sister. She said he looked really bad and it scared her but my mom told her that it’s just the treatments.
    Mom said his color was better yesterday.
    Anyone have a similar experience?
    Thanks in advance for any advice.

    Oh, and my grandmother (mom’s mom) is in the hospital. She has emphysema and her pulseox is low. She struggles constantly to keep a staph infection at bay. She’s had pneumonia once a year for the last 3 years. She’s always scaring me.

    It’s been rough on all of us, especially my mom, with both dad and grandma so sick frown .



    Carrie, Bob gets pretty wiped out during his treatments, we start again this week. THe paleness I have not really noticed, but he does do a lot of napping and resting during the week of his treatments.


    My friend gets very weak,pale and naps a lot during Vidaza shots and almost a whole week after. Just as he seems to be slowly pulling out of this slump, it’s time to get shots again.


    Okay, I’m glad to hear that it’s not unusual. I’m not there to see him but my sister was very worried about him.
    He was pale at Christmas anyway.


    Hi Carrie-
    How long after the injections was he feeling this way? It usually hits my dad 14 days later when all of his blood counts drop. I am sure they are checking his numbers once a week, right? Having a very low hgb would make him pale, tired and weak. Please let me know how it’s going. My dad is still in the hospial since 1/1. We are awaiting an mri of his lung. His numbers have come up – but it took 8 units of blood! Chris
    Dad,67. dx 2/03 RARS/ procrit/ thaolidomide 1 year/ now 4 cycles of vidaza.



    My father felt that way during the 7 days of treatments (actually more at the end). He had a transfusion on Tuesday, too.

    This is his first treatment so he hasn’t hit the low yet. I’m really worried that the counts won’t come back up after they go down.

    Oh, and yes, they’re checking his counts weekly.




    My mom has only had one treatment with Vidaza so far but she did sleep most of the time that week and the following week. It’s good to know that is normal, because my first instinct was to try to get her up and about during that time. Glad I didn’t She is feeling much more energetic now and her counts are fine.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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