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Vidaza treatment

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    Aureta Rupert

    Will be starting first treatments of Vidaza. Would like input on what to expect. Have low MDS effecting red blood cells only. Was diagnosed 7 months ago.


    Paul Dyer

    If you get sick/feel ill, ask for zofran. It is a common anti nausea med. Otherwise vidaza is pretty well tolerated. How often will you be treated?



    I agree with Paul but I’d add talking to your doc about taking the zolfran ahead of time. I had one dose of vidaza w/o nausea meds and got VERY sick. They ended up giving me anti-nausea meds via IV.

    You can get zolfran in a form that goes under your tongue and works really fast. I took it 30 min. before treatment and all the rest on the cycles went ok. I usually felt exhausted during treatment week and for 2 days following vidaz, then ok for the rest of the month.

    During that week I would take day 1 off from work, then work the rest of the week. Thank heavens for zolfran.


    Aureta Rupert

    I believe I will get 1 shot daily of Vidaza for 5 days once a month. I am still receiving Aranesp once a week but so far seems to have stopped working. Thanks for tips to help with the Vidaza.


    Lorraine Kozlowski

    Why the need for chemo?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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