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weight loss

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    Since January 1 I’ve lost 8 pounds over and I eat alot. 133 to 125lbs

    I am not on any medications and I eat a good variety of food all day


    Ji Joy,
    would get this info to your hematologist and primary physician.


    I went into the hospital a year ago at 238, shot up to 293 with fuid retention in just a few days but was back to 240 by the end of the month. I weighed 238 when I has SCT March 30 and dwon to 200 21 days later. Now am at 167 which docs say is just fine; right where I should be.


    my dad has lost an awful lot of weight – it started even before he was on the vidaza – he now takes a food supplement called gainer’s fuel- (he hated the taste of the ensure) – it has stabilized his weight and maybe he even gained a pound – my dad could afford to gain at least 30 lbs – but no matter what he eats he can’t gain any substancial weight

    it might just be the nature of this disease



    Hi All, George lost about 10 pound in the last two weeks in the hospital. Not really a problem, conserning his weight, he still 178 pound. The doc told me to give him ensure at nigh, because he need more protein.After that one bottle of ensure he is eating even less. So I don’t give him anymore. He is eating a little better since yesterday.Kate.
    Hi Eve, How is your Father doing? Think about everybody a lot, but have no time.Kate

    Bob P

    Hi Jocelyn,
    Have the same situation. I to lost a great deal of weight that was not planned. December of last year I was about 220 lbs. Now January of ’05 I am down to 168 lbs. Y doctors just keep saying eat, eat, eat with no answer to the cause of the loss. I have noticed that when my counts are low my appetite goes with it. I just don’t want to eat. I also was on the Vidaza trial during that time. Perhaps that to was part of the reason for the weight loss. Now I am eating lots of rich food like ice cream, cakes, cream puffs, Ensure Plus etc. and I can’t seem to put on weight, at least it is not sticking but I am enjoying the food.



    I am the other way. lost about 18 lps during the consolidation round of chemo when the did not feed me for 21 days . I have recovered that and put on about 12 more. I love Ice cream and cream puffs but have decided I have to limit the “good stuff”. the say it could be my body over compensating for the time with no food and my nurses say it has happened to others on Zarnestra. So again nothing is uniform with this disease & it’s treatment!


    After her SCT (66 days ago) my Mom has lost 30 pounds. My Dad is worried sick about her eating…like many of you said, the chemo has made her mouth like cotton and she additionally has nausea. It’s not so much the weight that Dad is worried about, it’s just that she’s having a hard time building up energy to exercise and gain strength…have any of you dealt with this?

    Adding to the problem is that her post-transplant meds raise her blood sugar, so she has to take insulin if her blood sugar gets too high….is this normal this far out from the chemo? If so, when did the chemo start to die out for you guys? Any advice/info would be greatly appreciated.

    Take care,



    Hi Joy,

    I think that weight loss may come with the territory for some of us. Since Dx I have lost about 20 lb and since the time we think this started, about 30 lb. My Drs don’t seem to be worried about it so I’m enjoying the slimmer me and eating anything I want.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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