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    Here’s another update:
    Dad’s doing generally okay but he does have another form of pneumonia. They’re running some tests today.

    As of 12:30 pm, dad’s breathing is deteriorating so they’re putting him on a bi-pap again. Mom’s visiting him now. They’re going to do another chest CT scan and may get a sample of fluid from his lungs tomorrow.



    Sandy M

    Keep hanging in there, my prayers are with you and your family, I’ve been following your post’s and… your a terrific daughter smile




    Thank you! I followed your posts with Joe and I admire your courage and strength. This group is so great!

    Dad was doing better last night. Respirations were better, fever was gone again, and they only had time on the bi-pap for a little while yesterday. They were supposed to put him on it during the night. He’s definitely tired and having a rough time but, again, nothing like a couple of weeks ago. He’s a brave man.




    Hey Carrie,

    I’m thinking of you guys & praying for better days. Keep reminding your dad of how much he is loved. That in itself can be so powerful!!

    Take care & keep the faith, ((HUGS))




    Carrie, Always thinking about your dad and your family. I hope each day brings better news and he keeps getting stronger to fight this terrible disease.
    God Bless, I continue to pray for all



    Carrie, I hope your dad continues to improve. I think about him, and all the other suffering people — Hans’ roomate today had to be put in a private room, having trouble breathing. It breaks my heart. Many, many hugs to you, your dad and your whole family.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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