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what choice do we have – dad wants to quit

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    My dad is only on his first round of vidaza and the nausea has him saying he wants to quit treatment. I am hoping the Dr and I can talk him out of it but if not, what options does he have? He has had 3 tx already and weekly procrit doesn’t seem to help. He’s ok for a few days after a tx but his hgb gets below 10 fast. He’s 76, smoker, one kidney, not great shape, but I’m not ready to lose him!


    Kel, keep talking to him and urging him on. Tell him that there’s a lot of things which you want to do together with him…



    is your dad taking anything to help combat the nausea
    – my dad takes zofran 1/2 hour after the injections and he has had no nausea – it has given him some constipation, but he has adjusted the amount of zofran and is having less of a problem with that issue

    good luck




    Just because he says he wants to quit doesn’t really mean he does, tho it is his choice. Talk to his doctor, maybe there is something he can give him to help with the side effects. My prayers are with you and your family.



    My dad is taking Zofran with the Vidaza. Has your dad been taking an anitnausea med?

    Believe me I know your parents can be stubborn just stay strong and insist! He’s not at a point were you would say “OK it’s his choice” you can fix the nausea.

    Let us know how he’s doing>


    Bob also is on the Zofran ODT the dissolve on the tongue type he takes it right before we leave about 30 minutes prior to the shot so it starts working. He hasn’t had major nausea since.
    I hope your Dad starts seeing some results.


    Before Vidaza, palliative care was the way to go.

    Considering all the advice that other folks who have absolutely no idea re what your father might want, gave you, I am seriously considering re-doing my power of attorney to insure that what I want will be carried out.

    I also had a very bad reaction to Vidaza, so I can see why he might not want to continue with it.

    It is all about him and not about you! Support him in what he wants to do…even if he wants to keep smoking….smoking is not going to kill him but it might make him more comfortable….it somewhat depends on what he’s smoking!

    Yesterday,a very special friend of mine for well over forty years died of heart/lung problems in ICU after 17 days there. I had assumed that he would attend my funeral and not me his. When I got my diagnosis re MDS, he was in great health. His death puts things in perspective for me. I will die of MDS or something else and it doesn’t make much difference what the cause might be. My friend got 17 bad days in ICU…six months ago, I was told I had 6 to 18 months and I am still in great shape (well, for 73).

    I hope that I can live the rest of my life the way I want to live it and not have someone else decide things for me!

    My very best wishes for you and your father!

    John in GR

    My mother is almost 90 and weakening. She feels more connected to heaven than earth. Her favorite expression now is “absent from the body, present with the Lord”. She has seen her husband of 63 years and her oldest son pass on before her. She wants to join them. She is very comfortable in her Christian beliefs. I don’t discourage her from having those thoughts. It’s her time. I accept that. Ecclesiastes speaks about there being a time for everything.

    My brother Dan’s recent death was to us sudden and unexpected. One of Dan’s vehicles was company owned. Since I now owned the business by myself, I got the vehicle. The first time I drove it, I noticed a tape in the tape player. For no particular reason I turned it on. I was a bit shocked to hear the voice of Dan introducing the speaker to a men’s group. The speaker was in fact my father who served as a pastor in the Chicago and Detroit areas for most of 70 years before he passed in 1999 at age 89.

    The message on the tape in Dan’s car, which might have been one of the last things Dan listened to was about heaven. Hmmmmmmmmm. I for sure will hang on to that tape.



    What a special surprise for you John.

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