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What foods or supplements found helpful for MDS patients

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    Philip Fallacaro

    I had read a message board post in which several foods, juices and supplements were mentioned that had been especially helpful in keeping blood counts stable in low to moderate risk MDS patients. But I lost track of where I had seen this list which included nutrients, some of which I had never heard of before.
    If any of you have found some improvements or stabilization in your blood work from a special diet and or special supplements, please share your experience/experimentation.
    Phil Fallacaro,


    Jack Millward

    Has anyone responded. I have been diagnosed with high risk MDS. Start treatment May 14. Very interested in diet with regard to this disease. Any info would be appreciated.



    In terms of nutritional foods to benefit red blood cells, whites, platelets, or minimizing risks, see:
    Look for the article titled: “Nutritional considerations in MDS” starting on page 26 in that newsletter.

    Also, if you search the forum (top right, under “Search Forums”) for “diet”, you’ll find an old thread with a posting (scroll down past a few of the postings to see it) where someone put their daily detailed diet plan if that helps any.

    Hopefully others will post more about their own particular experience with diets & supplements for you.
    Take care,


    Belain Asamere

    Hi Jack,
    Sorry to hear about your MDS diagnosis. Im here to listen if you need to talk

    I found some info on MDS international website that might help

    Praying for you.



    Belain Asamere

    Hi Phillip

    Incase you haven’t already looked on this website

    Hope it helps praying for you.



    James Higgins

    Hello, I was diagnosed in with MDS in June 2017. My oncologist tells me it doesn’t matter much what I eat, but I don’t believe this. Don’t know that I can cure myself through diet, but I believe I can certainly make things worse. I have been trying to follow a vegetable based whole foods diet, avoiding highly processed foods (flour, sugar, etc.) Not sure how well this is working. I eat a lot of beans, greens, and fruit when I can get it. I just started reading “The Metabolic Approach to Cancer” by Winters and Kelley. Only a chapter or so into it so no conclusion yet. If someone is familiar with the book or the premise (cancer cells metabolize glucose rather than oxygen and fail to self destruct like regular cells, therefore follow low-glycemic, fasting, and ketogenic diets) If anyone is familiar with this or other diet approach, I’m all ears.



    Hi Basamere, James,

    Thanks for sharing. The link is great….
    I was diagnosed MDS at age 65 in September 2017 with bone marrow blast 15 to 20%, hemoglobin 5.6. My doc put me on Vidaza immediately. I finished sixth/last cycle early March 2018. Both my doc and I are surprised my remission came so quickly. Have been transfusion free for six months. My energy level is pre MDS.
    I would like to think my lifestyle has something to do with my luck. I am not a vegetarian, I eat a lot less cheese and other animal protein than before I got sick. No beef….since beef is loaded with iron. A few avacadoes a week.
    I do take multi and 5000u D3 daily.

    It is totally worth it IMHO.


    Belain Asamere

    Eating healthy is definitely a good idea.
    Diana I’m happy you are doing well keep it up.

    James where are you being treated?have you tried second opinion



    Tereze Gluck

    My mds is chemo-related, with extensive chromosomal damage. Its hard to envision how even the healthiest foods could improve this – given the chromosomal damage. Ive been esting papaya and pomegranate anyway, but none of my drs think it will help. Im pretty devestated – i just learned the full extent of my disease, highest risk, worst prognosis. I dont want to give up but the situation does appear very bleak.


    Belain Asamere

    Hi Tereze,

    I am so sorry to hear you are devastated. I think its good you are eating healthy it doesnt hurt to try avoid sugar as well.
    Where are you located?
    Feel free to email me if you need to talk

    Praying for you take care.
    Belain A


    Donald Williamson

    Hey, I have read in an article that multivitamin food is good for MDS patients. Along with exercise will also do good for your body.

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