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Yup, MDS

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    I went to the cancer clinic today. The doctor there confirmed the diagnosis of MDS. However, she thinks it is a -5q. She is going to do another bone marrow biopsy to make sure I only have the 5q- chromosome abnormality. One of my cells showed a deletion on chromosome 7. The first bone marrow tested only 30 cells (85% had the -5q, only one cell had the monosomy 7)this one will test 200 cells. I was so relieved that she thinks the 7 may have been a fluke.

    If chromosome 7 looks bad in more cells, she will start looking for a marrow donor, although she likely wouldn’t do a transfusion right away. If 7 looks good, she will just monitor the anemia and other blood counts and start me on revilmid if they drop more.

    I was reading about revilmid tonight on these boards. Some folks had their chromosomes return to normal on this drug. Absolutely amazing! I had no idea this was possible.

    So, in spite of the serious diagnosis, I feel encouraged. I am really grateful for this board.


    Hi Zoe,

    Just want to wish you luck with your bmb. Hoping your doctor is right about the chromosome 7 deletion being a fluke. Please keep us posted.

    Best wishes,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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